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 how to make timer in VB6

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Kaizer Opera

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PostSubject: how to make timer in VB6   May 4th 2012, 06:18

first open nyu ung VB6 nyu tapos lagay kayo ng isang LABEL,2command button, at isang timer

ung command1 palitan nyu ung caption ng START TIMER at sa command2 naman palitan nyu ung caption ng RESET

tapos click nyu ung timer tapos makikita nyu sa properties jan ung ENABLE jan nka TRUE yan.. gawin nyung FALSE at sa INTERVAL nya nka 0 (ZERO) yan.. palitan nyu 1000 oh kayo na bahala kung ganu kablis bsta 1000 pababa.. di ko lang alam qng 10 pwede.. hanggan 50 lang kasi ungnilalagay ko sa INTERVAL... at ung CAPTION naman ng LABEL natin palitan nyu 0 (ZERO). ok.. sa code na tau..

first click nyu ung COMMAND1 tapos lagay nyu to.. ecopy nyu lang..

If Timer1.Enabled = False Then
Timer1.Enabled = True
Command1.Caption = "Stop Timer"
Timer1.Enabled = False
Command1.Caption = "Start Timer"
End If

papaliwanag ko kung bakit naging ganyan ung code nya.. first ung sa code natin Timer1.Enabled = false yan diba.. ung sa timer1 natin nka false un kaya pag ni click mo yang COMMAND1, ung timer natin bali papaganahin nya..at jan na papasok ung Timer1.Enabled = True at xempre ung COMMAND1 natin na nka START TIMER ung CAPTION magiging STOP TIMER na.. GETS??? hehehe kabaliktaran na yan pag pinindot nyu ulit ung COMMAND1 natin

ung sa COMMAND2 natin na nkapangalan na sa RESET double click nyu din.. lagay nyu to

Label1.Caption = 0

bali pag niclick nyu yan.. ung LABEL natin babalik sa 0 (ZERO) ung caption nya..un kung nka start xa.. pero kung hindi.. zero din.. hahaha

tapos sa TIMER naman natin lagay nyu to

Label1.Caption = Label1.Caption + 1

papasok sa code natin yang +1 pag nka run na ung project natin.. ung sa label caption natin na ZERO mag aadd at mag aadd xa ng isang number

napaliwanag ko ba ng maayos? hehehe eto magiging itsura sa project natin.. xenxa na panget eh.. nitamad aq mag aus


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PostSubject: Re: how to make timer in VB6   May 6th 2012, 05:34

kylangan pa natin ng visual basic 6 na installer pra mka gwa ng application soft..

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how to make timer in VB6
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